O.K. so last trap post of the day, and this one is going out with a bang. Dedicated to ratchetness and the south, where trap originated.

DJ Carnage just created a sub genre. Post-apocalyptic trap. If Big Brother blasted trap music on the streets, this is the track that would play constantly and brainwash the citizens minds.

Zatox & Nikkita – Poltergeist (DJ Carnage Remix)

Wooferface labeled this track riot trap, so after Big Brother tries to brainwash everyone, the revolution will play this track to inspire the freedom fighters. Raise the alarm.

Wooferface- Imperial Alarm

Brand new ƱZ. I shouldn’t have to say anything else.

Peaches – Burst! (ƱZ Remix)

Finally with the last track is H3. Going along with the whole warfare theme, this one’s called Militia. Shits gangster.

H3- Militia (Trap VIP)

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